Whitney Klaus

Posted by:sjaney11 onDecember 27, 2018

Whitney was first introduced to Rising Strong Fitness through another member–Lindsay Lowe.  Whitney stated she always wanted to try CrossFit but she was too scared to try it. However, she finally got to the point in her workouts where she needed coaching and a challenge.  Whitney stated that she “definitely got both! I wish I would have started years ago!”

Before coming to Rising Strong Fitness her biggest struggle was the pain in both of her shoulders.  She was spending $500/month on physical therapy and was seeing a chiropractor. Those gave her some immediate results but the pain would come back rather quickly.  Whitney is unsure of where the shoulder pain started but thinks it the pain was due at least in part from not stretching enough and not using the correct form when lifting in the past.  In her past workout routine she thinks that not having a coach correct her form also contributed to her shoulder pain.

Her shoulder pain got to the point where she could not sleep at night because she could not get comfortable.  Her work life was affected (she’s an awesome hairdresser!). She would push through the discomfort at work despite being in so much pain.  She was mad and felt defeated–she struggled to do things such as getting dressed in the morning. However, all that changed when she met the coaches at Rising Strong Fitness.

Her first impression of the gym was how welcoming everyone was from the beginning!

“I was also so impressed with how knowledgeable the coaches are!”

Whitney loved OnRamp (4 sessions one-on-one with a coach)!  She stated she learned so many new ways to stretch and correct her form on all movements.  Since she’s been at the gym she has gotten stronger and her shoulder pain is completely gone.  Her favorite “bright spot” is getting a new personal best on back squat. Squats are one of her favorite and she can not wait to keep improving!

Whitney is currently  working on how to figure out where she is as far as max weight and percentages goes for her lifts (“..which is awesome!”).  She is also working on being able to do a pull-up, her rowing technique, overhead squats, handstands, correct form on snatching, and correct form on push-ups.

“Life is different for me now because I feel like I finally found my gym home. I’ve lived in Manhattan for 8 years and I have tried several gyms. When you have sweat dripping off your face but you’re still laughing, that’s how you know!”

Her favorite memory so far was the Beer Mile!  It was so much fun and she cannot wait to do it again next year.  She hopes more people will do it next year because of how much fun it was. She also got to meet so many amazing people.  

Whitney’s advice for those that are intimated to step into a gym:  “Just do it!” She was very intimidated at first because she saw all these amazing and strong CrossFitter’s on social media and thought she could never do it.  She quickly learned that she can and that she just has to work for it!

“If it scares you it’s probably a good thing!”

608 Pottawatomie, Manhattan KS 66502