Sarah Nolting

Posted by:sjaney11 onFebruary 19, 2019

Sarah had been running half marathons and tried a couple of months of sessions of personal training at a big box gym. She liked lifting weights but when the personal trainer sessions ended, she didn’t know what to do on her own and the weight room was intimidating. She had heard about CrossFit and that it provided the lifting guidance in a small group setting. Sarah asked around to a couple of friends who she knew had tried CrossFit and they recommended she check in with Shely at Get Mean CrossFit.

.The thing Sarah found was the biggest struggle was getting to the gym with no set time to be there. She was needing the structure of a schedule and accountability that a group setting offered.  What she loves about Rising Strong is the flexibility of class times because if she has evening obligations she can go in the morning and vice versa.

Sarah says that when she was working out before she didn’t know what to do with the weights. Having a plan is huge for her.  Even if she did have a plan she wasn’t pushing herself as much as she could or knew she was capable of.

Trying to do fitness on her own, Sarah realized she was complacent. Sarah was running half marathons because it was something to do and she didn’t know what else to do. Sarah almost became bitter about it because it seemed to be her only option and as a result she eventually stopped enjoying it. She loved running and wants to love it again.  

Working out at Rising Strong gives Sarah the schedule, plan and accountability she needs to be successful and to achieve her goals.

When we asked Sarah what her first impression of our gym was she said:  

“I was intimidated but it wasn’t intimidating. I was more impressed than intimidated and just hoped I would be able to keep up!  I could keep up. Everything was scalable for my level of fitness and it was ok to be last as long as I kept moving and pushing and progressing.”

The biggest bright spot for Sarah was getting unassisted pull-ups during a CrossFit Open workout. She admits they weren’t the best looking looking and she had to “frog kick” her legs to get her chin above the bar a little–but she still was able to do them.  She finished a full round of pull-ups and then made it into the second round. Gaining the upper body strength for pull-ups was huge!

Sarah is currently working on consistency. Consistently getting to the gym each week and consistently eating healthy to achieve her goals. She is planning and meal prepping. Her goal now is to continually fine tune her technique and reach some new personal records in her lifts. She wants to continue to get stronger, faster and just better overall.

“I want to be the best version of myself.”

Sarah has many good memories here at the gym and one of her favorites are the Friday Night Lights when most everyone comes together to do the Crossfit Open workouts.  She likes that the CrossFit Open creates a different atmosphere because people push themselves differently and everyone sticks around after they workout and cheers on the next round of people to do the workout.  Whether or not you are signed up it doesn’t matter, it’s just a different type of fun atmosphere.

If you are intimidated to start working out Sarah wants people to know that you do not need to be in shape to start.  “We all have a first day and the most intimidating part is just walking through the door.” Once you make it inside, it’s friendly.  Every workout was scaled for her and she still scales workouts to her ability level.

Sarah has been a member of Rising Strong for 4+ years and it wasn’t until recently that she decided to work with Shely one-on-one with nutrition.  She got married in February of 2019 and had goals to lean out and lose some weight for the wedding. The thing that helped her the most was accountability!  She understands nutrition well enough and knew what she need to do but it’s not always easy to just do it alone. Life, events, and social pressures all get in the way.  Working one-on-one nutrition with Shely has given her the ability to talk through different stressors and learn the skills to make a game plan on how to handle these common situations. The saying really is true … if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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