Mariah Stadel

Posted by:sjaney11 onSeptember 17, 2018

Mariah first came to Rising Strong Fitness in the June of 2017.  When we asked her what brought her into CrossFit my heart sunk a little bit.  She started CrossFit because “I was lonely.” She moved to Manhattan, KS the summer the summer of her freshman year, alone and without a job. All of her friends that were still in Manhattan were either in class or working, so there wasn’t time to see anyone.  So she states that it caused her to just sit around her apartment all day.

Mariah had been interested in CrossFit for a long time, but had neither the time nor money. She was first made aware of Get Mean CrossFit through a 6-week add for a bootcamp and this made her ready to “dive in.”  Mariah texted her mom and her mom was able to her with the financial part until she got a job and now “here I am.”

Before finding us, what was your struggle? What were your biggest frustrations? Before starting with Rising Strong Fitness, Mariah’s biggest frustration was not feeling good enough about herself.

“I’ve never been one to try and fit into our society’s beauty standards, but I’ve always wanted to be able to do everything. I want to be strong. Before finding Get Mean, I also struggled (and still do) with being present in every moment, but CrossFit has helped me with that, as well as realizing everyone is on their own journey.”

When asked about how her frustrations affected her before CrossFit and how that has changed Mariah stated that her constant worry of thinking and worrying about the future consumed a lot of her time. She wasn’t able to sit and take a breath before doing something hard or that made her anxious. CrossFit has taught her that you need to be patient yet persistent.

What was her first impression of the gym?  Mariah’s first impression of the gym was of how close everyone is. “You can’t just sit in the corner and do your own thing, which is something I love.” The members of the gym did not allow her to “crawl into my usual quiet place and ignore everyone else.” Her first impression of the gym has only been strengthened with her time at Rising Strong. “I can always guarantee I’ll get a hug from Toni at 5:30a class, and sometimes that’s all you need, and I love that.”

Rising Strong Fitness’ strength and conditioning programming has made her stronger and healthier. She admits she needs work on nutrition and that she can “feel it” the next day she’s if she ate an unhealthy meal or two the day before.  You must include nutrition and exercise together. She also thinks that being in such a positive environment has helped her general outlook on life as a whole.

Her first bright spot was when she got unassisted kipping pull-ups and eventually a strict pull-up. She remembers almost screaming with joy when she got her first strict pull-up and chin above the bar.  Right now she is working more on control, body control and control of her life in general. In the gym, she’s been working on handstand holds and hopes to be able to get away from the wall soon.

Mariah’s favorite memory was on Memorial day weekend 2018 when she did “Murph” for the first time. She was able to finish under an hour which was her goal.  She was also able to finish right beside her friend Lindsey. Lindsey wouldn’t let her quit, and no one else would let anyone do that either. We all came together to workout for something so much bigger than us, and that to her is really amazing.

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