Kristie Majeski

Posted by:sjaney11 onSeptember 13, 2018

Kristie has been a member of Rising Strong Fitness since March of 2018.  During one of her goal reviews, Kristie decided to work with me one-on-one with nutrition.  In our nutrition program we focus on different behavioral skills and building the tools necessary to make changes towards a clients specific goals.  Things such as problem solving, overcoming barriers, positive thinking and thought stopping, at-risk situations, lapses and relapses and different mindfulness tools such as breath awareness and journaling.  

Like most of us, we struggle with food on some level.  Whether it is eating comfort food at night as we settle in for bed (this is me!) or eating chocolate when we are feeling down or drink a bunch of beer to calm down.  Our world will often build happiness around food.

Within my first couple sessions with Kristie I told myself that if I could just get her to eat a little bit of cheese and be ok with that, that I would consider that success for her.  Kristie’s comfort food is cheese and when she eat it, it tends to be a lot at once. She told me that she could not have it in the house at all. It was that “all or none” principle and rigid.  My goal was to help her see that a little bit of cheese on our eggs, or tacos–or even as a substitute for a protein one meal is ok. Cheese itself isn’t what is “bad.” I think we often associate eating certain food is bad.  However, I like to help people reach the mindset that a little bit of those things is just fine–and that it’s ok to eat these foods once in awhile. We just had to work towards a happy medium with Kristie and her comfort foods.  

We finished Kristie’s last session the second week of September and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.  Here were the successes Kristie stated she gained from the program:

  • Learning how to ask for what she needs and not settling:  “It’s ok to ask for what I need.”
  • She learned to “fill her cup” with other things and not food.  Family is something that fills her cup. She’s saying no to the things that breed negativity in her life.
  • She can’t just “muscle” her way through things.  She’s learning to be better with being herself. She’s becoming who she was always meant to be.  She’s learning to create experiences instead of worrying and waiting. She’s taking ACTION.
  • Getting a business coach.  Yep–she realized that she needs someone to hold her accountable.
  • Redefined her niche when it comes to lifting weights.  

Overall, she learned that she needs to shape her environment and create boundaries to help make her successful.  Being around people who “fill her up” and provide love helps make her successful. She’s also seeking out powerlifting and wants to work one-on-one with a coach to develop those skills.  She enjoys the barbell and wants to lift heavy things. What’s important to note is that she realized that it is ok to feel this way and to change and to constantly evolve with your goals.  She has a renewed sense of purpose.

This is a success!  Did we hit all that Kristie and I set out to achieve at the beginning?  We modified it to fit where she was at and saw significant progress and in the end Kristie realized that it is better to work alongside someone than go at it alone.  Behavior change takes longer than 90 days and weight loss is a process. Seeing Kristie’s face and overall demeanor during our last session filled my cup. She was far more relaxed and confident than when we first started together.  Awesome job Kristie!

“Nutrition goals don’t always have to be about weight loss. It’s important to meet people where they are and that it’s okay, even as a coach, to shift your approach during the process. We did that a lot.”


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