Janell Caywood

Posted by:sjaney11 onAugust 23, 2018

Janell was first introduced to CrossFit through her husband Brad.  He had done CrossFit on and off for the past few years and had set up a home gym and she was attempting to do some workouts in their basement. She states she was just going thru the motions and not seeing progress and wanted to join a gym but with a 3 year old at home she didn’t think it was possible.

While having breakfast at Chick-Fil-A one morning Janell said ‘hi’ to a mom who had a kid in her son’s Kindergarten class.  Brad told Janell to ask her if she did CrossFit because of her shoes! She told us she went to Get Mean and as soon as her family finished eating Brad drove her over to our gym to check it out. She was glad to find out kids were welcome…so long as they stay off the black mats!  However, Janell states she was still so intimidated. It took her three months to schedule the OnRamp class–her excuse for not doing it sooner was that she was training for the Army Ten-Miler.

After the first week Janell states “I was hooked.”  What she enjoyed the most was “the variety of workouts and being motivated by others in the class and the coaches.”

“I was mad that I didn’t join earlier.”

What Janell loves is when she first accomplishes a movement–and so far that has been toes-to-bar, pull-ups and rope climbs–to name a few.  Her next goal that she is getting close to is the handstand push-up. Who knew she’d be setting goals like getting upside down and then pushing herself up?!  I’m willing to bet she would have never guess she’d be saying that.

Another success for Janell was the first workout she did “as prescribed”–which just means doing the workout as it is written exactly on the board.  For many members this is a goal.  Janell further states that she became even more convinced how much her overall fitness has improved when she ran the Bill Snyder Half-Marathon in May of 2018. Due to homeschooling, weather and wrist surgery, she was not able to train as much as the year before.  However, despite those barriers she still beat her time by over 3 minutes!

One of my favorite thing about Janell–is her family.  From time-to-time Brad stops in for a workout or to pick up the boys.  He’s always upbeat and smiling–and I’m thankful he pushed her to start.  Janell has even brought her brother Kevin in and her mother (68-years old) for workouts when they visit Manhattan.  I think my favorite part of her family are her boys! I enjoy teasing them and pretending as if I cannot remember their names and making them laugh about it.  Janell is a hard worker and juggles a lot. She motivates me with her commitment and consistency. When I think about what she is managing day-to-day I’m less likely to make excuses towards my goals.  

608 Pottawatomie, Manhattan KS 66502