Eileen Hinkin

Posted by:sjaney11 onAugust 23, 2018

Eileen first started CrossFit in the Fall of 2012 and what brought her in were her good friends Dee and Lynn.  Eileen was motivated by Dee’s transformation and how Dee looked at her daughter’s wedding. Eileen stated it was Dee’s overall physical appearance–she looked healthier and happier!  Dee looked amazing in her dress. Both Dee and Lynn raved about CrossFit so Eileen thought she’d give it a try. Afterall–Eileen has always been physically active. She has run marathons and several half-marathons and 10Ks.  As she gets older, Eileen’s main concern is about gaining excess fat and keeping her bones strong and she believes and knows weightlifting will help with both of those things. What keeps her coming into Rising Strong Fitness is fighting the normal wear and tear on the body that comes with aging.  

Eileen started in the garage with Get Mean and states “It was a blast.”  She is one of the originals of the Get Mean crew and has grown with us over time.  “It was/is a very open, friendly and very inviting atmosphere.” She admits the lifting was as struggle for her because it was new.  “It was hard” but not to the point where she would give up. What she noticed first were a lot of changes in her body–she was a lot more toned and stronger.    

When asked about one of her favorite moments she mentioned the time when her and Stephanie Gilliam were doing partner-banded runs and she thought to herself “I’m finally getting this.”  She also had another light-bulb moment when she was doing push-ups: “Yes, I can finally do this, straight push-ups.” Overall–CrossFit has been a confidence booster for Eileen. She remembers one time when there were 25-lb weights on either end of her bar.  She told me to “take a picture of this.”

Currently, Eileen has been working with Kate in the Body By Kettlebell class.  She’s recently lost about 8-lbs since starting back up with Kate because she has been fine tuning nutrition.  She has also started to run again and because of the weight she’s lost, running has become easier. Her overall goal is to be able to play with her grandkids–and working out at Rising Strong Fitness enables her to do so.  Her other goals include running the Bill Snyder Half-Marathon in 2019 and beat to her previous time.

Lastly, we asked Eileen what her favorite thing about this place and she stated “that it doesn’t matter how little of a triumph you have everyone in the gym triumphs with you.”  “Always a very positive atmosphere–always rewards and focuses on the good.” She remembers when Drew Biery and her were doing a team workout together and how he ran with her even when she told him to go ahead of him.  It’s that constant atmosphere in the gym that she loves!

December 2012–Eileen

December 2012–Dee, Lynn and Jenny

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