David Dean

Posted by:sjaney11 onJune 28, 2018

David came into Rising Strong Fitness to challenge himself on muscular strength days. He felt that the muscular strength workouts he was doing weren’t helping him to improve his running ability or increase his strength. David needed some direction and advice and his wife, Mellissa, told him how great the coaches and workouts were at Get Mean CrossFit.

His first impression was that the people were very nice, inviting and encouraging which made it a stress free environment. The coaches took the time to actually coach me in my techniques, provide positive feedback but also not be afraid to be frank and honest with me. David likes how the focus was on the form and not to throw a bunch of weight on the bar and just hurt himself. David’s first impression was pretty accurate of what he had in store for himself and his goals, and he feels confident  that this first impression will carry him as he continues his journey with Rising Strong Fitness. “Our gym family is supportive in every workout that we do and constantly encouraging me to get better. The coaches continue to provide direction and push him to achieve a higher level of fitness, as well as act as a sounding board for advice when he is struggling with something.

David saw a drastic difference in his fitness level in his CrossFit workouts and during his Flint Hills Marathon in April of 2017 and attributes the change to following the Renaissance Periodization diet during the 90-day nutrition challenge with the gym.  The Flint Hills Marathon is a trail run with a lot of hills. His previous marathon time before the Flint Hills one was 4:03. With the Flint Hills Marathon he took the overall men’s price (while it was rainy, muddy and 49 degrees) with a time of 3:41. That is 20 minutes off of his marathon time…on a hilly race!!!I  “I knew something I was doing (CrossFit and diet) was working and it provided that positive reinforcement to keep it up.” His most recent race was the Bill Snyder Half Marathon in May of 2018 and he completed it was a time of 1:35 (a six minute improvement).  

David’s next marathon will be in November 2018 and he is currently working hard to qualify for the Boston Marathon with this race.  His goal is to run faster than a 3:15 (which he admits is “lofty”), however, it is a goal nonetheless that he believes he can accomplish with the right diet, training and dedication.  Come on David, maintain your Bill Snyder pace and you’ve got a 3:10 full marathon! Additionally, David is shooting to complete his first ultra-marathon in April of 2019. For me, I think my favorite thing about David is his positive attitude–like all the time.  He smiles and high-fives constantly.

So what’s his favorite memory at the gym so far??  The Christmas party in Dec 2017. Although we didn’t work out during that event, it was great to meet everyone’s families, have fun with friends and play some adult games that continued to build on the “family” concept that so many of us love at Rising Strong/Get Mean Fitness. “It’s so much fun when you work out with friends and encourage each other through every workout. This makes accomplishing the goals, whether big or small, so much better.” He also admits he had some of the best chili that hes have ever had in his life at that Christmas Party!

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