Shely Propst

Shely has been lifting weights since she was a kid with her dad in the basement.  She began doing pull-ups from a very young age and always won the pull-up contest in grade school.  Lifting weights has always been something that she has enjoyed and felt she has had control over.  In high school Shely was involved in cross country, basketball and track and in her first 2 years of college she played of basketball.  After college, Shely spent 3 years active duty in the Army as an intelligence officer.  Once her career was over, Shely became a personal trainer at 24Hour Fitness in Colorado Springs, CO in 2006.

The main reason Shely became a personal trainer was because she was told she was basically going to be a therapist.  Over the years she has learned to use physical fitness as a means to help counsel individuals towards not only their physical fitness goals but also other goals that span across someone’s life.

Shely was first introduced to CrossFit in 2009 and received her CrossFit Level 1 in October of the same year.  Her experience includes multiple certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and over six certifications from CrossFit.  Shely has a masters degree in public health with an emphasis in physical activity and nutrition.

Nutrition is also an area Shely is passionate about.  Over the years she has tried multiple diets for the sake of trying them to understand what her members will experience.  Shely also has experience in writing nutrition plans and helping people successfully losing weight.

Overall, Shely’s goal is to help people with fitness and nutrition goals, to make them feel like they are not alone when trying to achieve their goals and to build a physically active community not only in the gym but within the surrounding community of Manhattan, KS.

Jason McCurry

Jason became a coach with in the Fall of 2017.  His full time job is a Sales & Service Rep at Cintas and prior to that he worked for Coleman American World Wide Moving Company.  Jason has always been physically active and contributed his love for fitness to his grandpa because he was always outside in the woods with him.  Some of is experience Jason has ran half marathons, two 25ks and triathlons to include playing football in high school.  From ’95-’99 Jason was in the military as an Airbone infantry soldier and has done a total of 27 jumps out of a plane!

When you see Jason in class he commands presence because of his stature.  Jason sought after coaching because he wants to help others.  He enjoys seeing the struggle on someone’s face and then his/her look of accomplishment once the workout is done.  It is empowering to him when they do something they didn’t realize was possible.

Erin Markwell

Erin has been involved in sports for most of her life. Originally from Iowa, Erin moved to Reno, NV when she was 3, and considers that her hometown.  In high school Erin played soccer, softball, and wrestled. In college, she was on the cycling team at the University for Nevada for two years. However, after a serious bike crash, she no longer felt she could give her all towards cycling.  Being the dedicated athlete that she is, she decided to pursue rowing, and spent two years rowing for the University of Nevada.

Erin’s coaching career began when she started to coach co-ed youth soccer in 2009 for 9-10 year olds. After starting CrossFit in February of 2014 her passion for coaching fitness was reignited. She started her internship with a local CrossFit gym in the summer of 2017 in Nevada.  She likes to coach because she has fun, and genuinely enjoys seeing measurable progress; not only in herself, but in other people as well. Currently Erin’s heart belongs to the world of Olympic lifting. She would love to start an Olympic lifting program and work with people one-on-one to improve their lifting skills.  She would also like to start a cycling club at some point within in the gym.

Erin is finishing up her graduate degree with the School of Business Administration with an emphasis in finance.  Her projected finish date is December of 2019.

Ryan Propst

More nerd than an athlete, Ryan is a driven by continuous learning and a desire to help others.  A lean wrestler in high school that went onto college to become an engineer… and gain the freshman 30 or 40 (or maybe more) he didn’t learn what being healthy really meant.  In 2011, with all the stresses in life he realized that he couldn’t help anyone if he was unhealthy.  That started the movement of self education and learning (sometimes through failures) on how to maintain his health.  Down from 236 lbs to 175 lbs, off of medications for high cholesterol and a CPAP machine through research and learning on nutrition, exercise, and determination.  His goal is to help himself so he can be around to help others… his family, his friends, and all those who want to be around to do the same for their loved ones.  A question he often asks himself is… “How can you help and serve others if you can’t take care of yourself?”



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