Body by Kettlebell

Building a Body that’s Fit for Life

By using a wide variety of exercises, including the fundamental kettlebell training skills of two-handed swings, one-handed swings, deadlifts, goblet squats, Turkish Get Ups, farmer’s carries and shoulder presses, we’ll help you build a body that is more toned, stands taller, feels tighter and has more stamina.

Using kettlebells helps us bust exercise boredom through learning skills that keep our brains engaged, use all the main muscle groups of the body efficiently and effectively, and combine cardio and strength training in a low-impact format.

Kettlebell training has such amazing postural benefits.

It teaches us how to stand tall, breathe more effectively, develop strong and supportive ab and back muscles that keep both our spines and shoulders happy.

And glutes.

Kettlebell training–swings in particular, wakes up even the sleepiest of glutes and gets them working like the powerhouses they should be.

Aside from the health and quality of life benefits we get from having better posture and stronger glutes, we get some pretty nice muscle shaping, too.

Best of all, this style of training can be easily adapted to meet the needs of participants of all ages and fitness levels!

Body By Kettlebell

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