About Us

Are you ready to be healthy?

We have the right tools to get you on track with your exercise and nutrition.

We are MORE than just a CrossFit gym.

CrossFit is only one of the modalities we use to help people achieve their goals.  We offer personal training, nutrition counseling and group classes to help you achieve your goals.

At our gym, you are the equipment!

Great coaches don’t require equipment because machines are not natural.  Squats are tough but they provide a solid foundation for simply getting out of a chair.  Pull-ups are hard, but achievable.  Burpees–well, they are no fun, but we love to do them anyways!

Our gym is set back in a quiet neighborhood near a Linear Trail head and around other small businesses.

We do not require multiple machines or fancy equipment because we believe in training in our natural environment that mimics what we do on a daily basis.  Whether you are retired or looking to improve in our sport, we can help you achieve your health goals.  Everyone starts at their own level.

Our goal is to help individuals in the community become healthier and stronger so we all can improve the lives of those around us.  We are a family that is built on community,  compassion for others and building healthy lifestyles.

Welcome to Rising Strong Fitness!

We were recently married in May of 2017 and decided to take the journey of growing Get Mean CrossFit Inc. into a broader gym, Rising Strong Fitness, in order to include more programs to provide more services to a wider range of individuals.

Ryan and I both have a passion for fitness and nutrition and helping people improve their lives overall. In addition to health, we also have 2 foster daughters and have we are currently working on adopting one of them with the hopes of adopting the other. Altogether we have 5 children from ages 15-10 and we have three dogs. Life is crazy and chaotic and we would not have it any other way.

Shely & Ryan Propst



Come in and talk with a coach one-on-one to discuss the next steps towards achieving your goals.

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608 Pottawatomie, Manhattan KS 66502