Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle!  Too often I’ve heard “I workout so I can eat what I want.”  This philosophy is a myth and you cannot out-train a bad diet!

We work with Renaissance Periodization (RP) as a our nutrition standard.

You can work with a plan on your own and work with a coach to help keep you accountable and teach you different behavioral skills to help you develop a pattern that becomes a habit.  We are not about short-term fad diet but rather building a plan that you can use for the rest of your life.

Step 1:

Sit down with a coach to discuss your nutrition goals to determine which RP template is the best option for you.  You will have multiple questions in regards to how these templates work and now is the time to discuss them with your coach.  All templates can be purchased through the RP icon above.

Step 2:

For those needing more assistance, you will want to hire a Rising Strong coach to help guide you in the process in your 90-day RP challenge.  Additionally, your coach will help adjust your template based off your needs and how you adapt to the nutrition plan.

What you will receive when you decided to work with a coach one-on-one:

1. Six 30-45 Minute meetings with a coach
2. A nutrition plan tailored towards your goals and needs.
3. Measurements at each meeting.
4. Behavioral plan to help sustain a healthy lifestyle of eating.

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling


Additional Nutrition Services

Nutrition Home Visits:
Have a coach visit your home to help educate you on how to measure out your food; how to read nutrition labels; how to help you meal prep; what spices are good; how to use different cooking methods; and overcoming barriers for eating healthy. Each visit is $75 and is 90 minutes in length.



Come in and talk with a coach one-on-one to discuss the next steps towards achieving your goals.

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