CrossFit has become well known for one of the most effective ways towards achieving optimal fitness.  It is far more than just group classes in that you will receive individual coaching in a group setting.

You will begin your CrossFit journey working with one of our Rising Strong coaches to develop the skills that our foundational to our group classes.  Every class is altered to each individuals ability and current fitness level.

You will be required to complete four on-ramp classes prior to joining group classes.  Upon completion of on-ramp classes, you will discuss with a coach the best next program for you.  On-ramp classes will have no more than three individuals in each one to better serve each client.  During each class you will receive instruction on 4-6 movements followed by a short workout that mimics what you have learned.  Each of these classes cost $25.

These on-ramp classes are completed on Thursday starting at 5:15pm and Sundays at 12:00pm.  If these class times do not work for you, we will schedule you with another coach for a time that fits everyone’s schedule.

For questions on pricing on unlimited group classes please email

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