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We serve normal people by providing different wellness programs who see results in overall health such as weight loss, increased fitness and increased energy. Because of an increase in overall health, our members are seeing improvements in all aspects of their lives daily. Whether you are someone who works at a desk, stay-at-home mom, or a police officer or just needs to move better--We can help!

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I began my personal training in August of 2006 at 24Hour Fitness in  Colorado Springs shortly after I finished my three years in the Army. The reason I became a personal trainer was because I was told that I would basically be a counselor (which has been a lifelong goal of mine) and I was instantly hooked.  My passion lies within helping people feel like they are not alone and that they can accomplish what they desire (no matter the goal).  Fitness is the career path I believe that has been chosen for me to use as an outlet to help others.  I consider myself not only a fitness guru but also a life coach.  Rising Strong Fitness is a great place to build your foundation towards a healthier you!

Shely Propst

Rising Strong Fitness:  Home of Get Mean CrossFit

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Rising Strong Fitness. Home of Get Mean Crossfit.
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